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Solar Off-Grid

Situated on a remote seaside lot, this 1500+sq ft home runs entirely on, off the electrical grid, solar powered heating and electrical systems. The homeowners were faced with a significant cost to have power poles installed to their lot so they began to explore the idea of using solar power. They had decided on a very open concept house plan and wanted the house to be built using the ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) method of construction. We were able to situate the house on the lot to take advantage of a southerly exposure as well as to take advantage of the beautiful ocean view. After collaboration with our plumbing and electrical sub-contractors, we were able to come up with two solar systems with back-ups in place in case of inclement weather. One system of tubes, known as EOS Twin Glass Evacuated Tubes, were installed on the roof to provide domestic hot water and with the use of large storage tanks, provide sufficient hot water to run the main floor in-floor heat.

“This system has a back-up propane fired boiler to heat the water if necessary. The second system is a series of collectors on the roof that are dedicated to converting the power of the sun for electrical usage.”

That energy comes into an inverter which charges batteries in the home for night time and daytime electrical use. The back-up for this system is a generator which automatically starts when the batteries need to be charged. The home also contains an energy efficient wood-burning fireplace that heats the entire home.

The ICF method of construction contributes to the overall energy efficiency of the house plus the addition of skylights and south facing windows takes advantage of natural lighting and addition solar gain reducing the amount of energy required to heat the home.

These systems are costly and a substantial investment, however, considering the ever increasing costs of electricity, oil, etc., it is an investment that will pay for itself in the long-term and most importantly, your home is environmentally friendly. If you are considering building a new home or renovating an existing home and even if you cannot afford to go completely solar, consider incorporating a smaller system to augment a conventional system. This would decrease your utility bills and you would be doing your part to help the environment. There some government rebates available for solar hot water systems that could help defray the costs involved. For more information on any of these systems, please contact us.

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