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Historic Relocation

The owners of this property are firm believers in recycling and reusing what you can even to the point of recycling a house. They owned this great lot overlooking the ocean and rather than building new, they decided to look for a house that they could move to the lot. They found the house they thought would suit their lot perfectly and as luck would have it, the owner of the house wanted it moved from her property. A moving company was consulted and the decision was made to move the house in pieces.

“This approximately 100 year old house was in dire need of fixing up but was in good condition considering it has been vacant for a number of years.”

A moving company was consulted and the decision was made to move the house in pieces. The owners decided that an ICF basement would be the most energy efficient as they planned to use the basement area as living space. The house was placed on the foundation, put back together and the renovations began. The owners wanted to keep the house as original as possible, however, with energy efficiency in mind, new windows and doors were installed and the interior walls were insulated and dry-walled. Original floors were refinished, original doors were re-installed and even the original stairs and railing survived the move intact. The house blends well with the surroundings and many would not realize that it had been moved to the lot.

The installation of a large dormer at the back of the house and enlarging the existing front dormers gives the upper story more room and additional natural lighting and the covered porch provides an extended area for entertaining or for relaxing and enjoying the view even in inclement weather.

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